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Vue Cli 3 Hello World generated Project Ready for Balena -> Raspberry Pi deploy
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BalenaCloud-Electron-VueCli3 Starter

Hi there, since the other balena(fmr resin) + electron + webframework repositories are a little out of date, I decided to combine the general approach with the simple devprocess vuecli3 is providing.

Getting Started

For local testing & deployment, see /app/

For deployment with, read the following


In order to deploy this app on your account:

  1. create a new account on
  2. load the balena image for the device of your choice and flash it on your device via


  1. clone this image onto your computer
git clone
  1. add a new repository with the name of your balena application (example)
git remote add balena

(you can also find the command on your dashboard)

  1. push the application to the new repository
git push balena

(you should see a unicorn as soon as the dockerimage is built)

  1. look at your dashboard and see the magic happening!


All relevent configs for deployment are inside Dockerfile.template.

This is your imagebuilder, which will start building your container on git push balena on their webrunners.

Environment Variables

You are able to change all necessary configurations from your dashboard.

Click on the tab Service Variables and add following variables:

  FOO: bar

correspondingly, check for the env. in background.js. Something like:

const smt = process.env.FOO

(for balena configurations check docs at


In order to ensure high configurability, your config files (i18n etc.) can be set as jsons:

  1. Log into your dashboard and connect to your image (main) in the ssh client
  2. find the /data folder (at the root of image)
cd ../../../data
  1. create a config.json
touch config.json
  1. configurate config.json with nano
nano config.json

json structure should be:

  1. restart your application

Built With

  • - IoT software deployment service
  • vue.js - Webframework for I/O + Display
  • electron - Converts Webapplications into Desktop applications


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