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auto-optional: adds the Optional type-hint to arguments where the default value is None

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What does auto-optional do

The basic purpose of auto-optional is ensuring that whenever a default argument is None the type annotation is Optional.

For example:

def foo(bar: str = None):

Would turn into

from typing import Optional
def foo(bar: Optional[str] = None):

Why would you want this

  • Easily modify external libraries that didn't pay attention to proper use of optional to improve mypy lintingf.
  • Force consistency in your own code-base: Enforcing that None parameter implies an Optional type.
  • Explicit is better than implicit — pep 20

In the media:

auto-optional was covered on PythonBytes #251

I love these little tools that you can run against your code that will just reformat them to be better.

— Michael Kennedy


Install with pip install auto-optional.


After installing you can run auto-optional using auto-optional [paths...] (if no path is provided it'll process the current working directory).


You can run auto-optional via pre-commit. Add the following text to your repositories .pre-commit-config.yaml:

- repo:
  rev: v0.3.1 # The version of auto-optional to use
  - id: auto-optional

Things of note

Things that are handled well

  • The alternatives to Optional are supported, that means both;
    • Union[X, None]
    • x | None (allowed since python 3.10+).
  • Existing imports are reused.
    • import as and from typing import ... statements are properly handled.

Things that need improvement

For all these points you can leave a thumbs-up if you want it. Also, I welcome pull-requests for these issues.

  • There is no exclude (for file patterns) option yet [#2]
  • There is no ignore (for code lines) option yet [#3]
  • Code is aways read and written as UTF-8 (which is accurate most of the time). [#4]
  • There is no diff or check command yet for a dry-run or linting. [#5]