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@Dade916 Dade916 released this Aug 4, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Added the support for periodic PhotonGI caustic cache update (aka SPPM without radius reduction)
  • PathTracer class now support eye and light path tracing. LIGHTCPU now uses PathTracer class too.
  • Added Hybrid Back/Forward path tracing support
  • Added the support for glossy caustics rendering to Hybrid Back/Forward
  • Reworked the support for new visibility map cache for infinitelight, constantinfinite and sky2 light sources
  • Transparent light sources are now rendered with the correct intensity
  • New env. visibility map cache now supports persistent cache on file

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a problem in the random number generator of PhotonGI
  • Fixed wrong theta being saved in ToProperties() of distant light
  • Fixed a compilation error in RoughMatte OpenCL code (issue #218)
  • Fixed a problem with Disney material specular tint
  • Fixed a TILEPATH bug causing black renderings
  • Fixed BIDIRCPU and LIGHTCPU camera motion blur
  • Fixed a bug related to initial camera volume in PATHOCL
  • Fixed light tracing camera motion blur and arbitrary clipping plane support
  • Fixed a bug in the OpenCL code of the splitfloat3 texture
  • Fixed normal mapping
  • Fixed a problem when saving ALBEDO AOV
  • Fixed RoughGlass event types returned by material evaluation
  • Evaluated best radius in PhotonGI, ELVC and DLSC is not affected any more by border rendering
  • Fixed a crash when resuming scene rendering without PhotonGI enabled
  • Fixed a NaNs problem when using area lights with zero area
  • Fixed the export of material emission.directlightsampling.type property

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Note for Windows users: you have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
for Visual Studio 2017

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