Angular directive, with recursive support for multiple layers of checkboxes.
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Angular directive, with recursive support for multiple layers of checkboxes.

  1. The checked status would be stored in a unique object for each checkbox. This attribute is mandatory.
  2. The hook and hooked-to attributes are optional. hook act as a hook, hooked-to hook the checkbox to the filled-in hook.
  3. A checkbox could have both hook and hooked-to attributes, which means:
  4. You could have as many levels of checkboxes as you like.
  5. No need to initialise all the checkboxes at the same time: you could put children checkboxes inside ng-ifs and when they come into existence, they'll automatically follow the status of their parent.


$ bower install angular-checkbox-set

Directive Attributes

  1. hook, string. Notice the single quote within double quote!
  2. hooked-to, string. Same as above.
  3. status-stored-in, scope object.

Code Example

<!-- provide a hook string for its children -->
<!-- gpObj will have a property "checked", its value would be boolean -->
<checkbox hook="'grandParent'" status-stored-in="gpObj"></checkbox>

<!-- since these two are hooked to 'grandParent' -->
<!-- 1. checking parentA would auto check these two -->
<!-- 2. unchecking parentA would auto uncheck these two -->
<!-- 3. unchecking either of these would uncheck their hook 'grandParent' -->
<!-- 4. if these two are checked, their hook 'grandParent' would be checked -->
<checkbox hook="'parentA'" hooked-to="'grandParent'" status-stored-in="pObjA"></checkbox>
<checkbox hook="'parentB'" hooked-to="'grandParent'" status-stored-in="pObjB"></checkbox>

<!-- you could link the hooks recursively, and they don't have to be placed in a inherited structure in html -->
<checkbox hooked-to="'parentA'" status-stored-in="cObjA1"></checkbox>
<checkbox hooked-to="'parentA'" status-stored-in="cObjA2"></checkbox>

See it in action here.