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Site Red-Out

Red out your site for Net Neutrality.

The HTML and CSS code included in this guide is mobile friendly, does not include trackers of any sort, is open source, and is licensed under the MIT License. If you notice any mistakes, please feel free to make a PR and I will get it merged as quickly as possible. Oh, and quick note: I am not affiliated with Reddit or their similar-looking protest. This is my code from the ground up, though their CSS was helpful for reference.

Thank you for defending Net Neutrality! -- Foxtrek_64, Owner of LuzFaltex

Previews: Raw | Live

Getting started

  1. Download redout.html
  2. Open redout.html in a text editor and change to the domain of your site. Save your changes
  3. Upload redout.html to your root site directory

If your site is located at, your redout.html should be located at

  1. Insert the following code into the header of your site:
    .redout {
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
<iframe class="redout" src=""></iframe>

PHP version with time-sensitivity:

<?php if (new DateTime() > new DateTime("2017-12-12")) { ?>
<iframe class="redout" src=""></iframe>
<?php } ?>

WoltLab version with time-sensitivity

.redout {
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
	display: none;
body[data-page-id="1000"] .redout{
	display: flex;

Replace 1000 with the ID of your page (pull open your F12 editor to find it easily)

Place the following in the header template above the #top element

{if TIME_NOW|date:'Y m j' >= '2017 12 12'}<iframe class="redout" src=""></iframe>{/if}


Red out your site for Net Neutrality




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