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A script to convert the official BEV addresses to one single file and one single coordinate system.
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The idea for this script is shamelessly copied from


The original script only runs on Windows systems. This one performs the same task as the original, but relies on Python. The gdal Python-Module or ArcPy (much, much slower!) needs to be installed to perform reprojection.


The main difference to the original is that you do not need to specify an input file name. Just execute the script from within the unzipped data from the BEV. The newest version of this script attempts to download the data directly. Of course, you can just put the *.zip file (or its extracted content) in the same directory as the script to avoid an automatic download.

Command Line Arguments

  • The default coordinate system of the output file is EPSG:3035 (, one of the European coordinate systems used by INSPIRE ( , by default, but can be specified manually by the -epsg parameter. To produce an output in the Austrian Lambert system, the program call would look like this: python3 -epsg 31287 . To produce an output in the WGS84 system, the call has to be performed like this: python3 -epsg 4326

  • To sort the output use the -sort parameter and specify the field to be sorted (e.g. -sort plz). The field can be one of gemeinde, plz, strasse, nummer, hausname, x, y, gkz.


See .

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