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Small CLI util to interface with a MQTT server
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Luzifer / mqttcli

mqttcli is a small CLI util to interface with a MQTT server. It can be used to publish messages to oder subscribe messages from a MQTT server.

At the moment it is intended to connect to simple setups using plain tcp, ssl with trusted certificates or websockets (ws). More options to come later.


# mqttcli --help
Usage of mqttcli:
      --log-level string        Log level (debug, info, warn, error, fatal) (default "info")
  -m, --message string          
  -b, --mqtt-broker string      Broker URI to connect to scheme://host:port (scheme is one of 'tcp', 'ssl', or 'ws') (default "tcp://localhost:1883")
      --mqtt-client-id string   Client ID to use when connecting, must be unique (default "21064ab7-c296-445e-b8b6-d1bced77853c")
  -p, --mqtt-pass string        Password to identify against the broker
      --mqtt-timeout duration   How long to wait for the client to complete operations (default 10s)
  -u, --mqtt-user string        Username to identify against the broker
  -o, --output-format string    How to ouptut received messages (One of 'log', 'csv', 'jsonl') (default "log")
      --qos int                 QOS to use (0 - Only Once, 1 - At Least Once, 2 - Only Once) (default 1)
      --retain                  Retain message on topic
  -t, --topic strings           Topic to subscribe / publish to
      --version                 Prints current version and exits


# envrun -- mqttcli sub -t 'mysensor/+'
INFO[0001] Message received                              message=4058 qos=1 retained=false topic=mysensor/co2

# envrun -- mqttcli sub -t 'mysensor/+' -o csv

# envrun -- mqttcli sub -t 'mysensor/+' -o jsonl
# envrun -- mqttcli pub -t mysensor/test -m 'ohai?'

# envrun -- mqttcli sub -t 'mysensor/+'
INFO[0001] Message received                              message="ohai?" qos=1 retained=false topic=mysensor/test
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