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A simple python app for keeping your switch apps up-to-date
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This readme is a bit outdated and will be updated soon. New features have been added, check out HBUpdater releases for more info.


Install all the Homebrew!

Install all the Homebrew

View update notes and install old/legacy versions

View update notes and install old/legacy versions


HBUpdater is a one-stop-shop for managing and updating your Nintendo Switch Homebrew!

  • Includes a lot of popular homebrew
  • Tracks which homebrew version you have installed
  • Downloads directly from github
  • Add your own github repos
  • No longer visit 17.53 different places to make sure you have the latest version of everything
  • Blawar NUT server integration
  • Easily install past versions of homebrew

Planned Features:

  • Firmware Manager (I want to be really careful with this one)
  • Default SD Location
  • Version 1.0 will hopefully be compatible with vgamoose's Homebrew Store


Works on: Mac, Window, Linux
Python 3.6 or greater (If you already use or fluffy you're good)

How to use:

  • Extract
  • Install python
  • Double-click startHPUpdater.bat
  • Extract
  • Mac users may already have a compatible version of python installed, try double-clicking --If the file opens in a text reader, close the reader and right-click the file and open it with pylauncher
  • If this still doesn't work, install python
  • Extract
  • Navigate to the directory in a terminal
  • Type "python"
    • If you are missing dependencies do the following:
    • sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip python3-tk
  • If you don't know how to do this you should probably be using Windows.
Want to contribute? Have ideas? Questions? Great!

You can find me here: Amiibru

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