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Special thanks to sudotoph for some testing and bug-reporting. New content has been added.

  • Injector now uses pattern system for standardization reasons
  • Broke pattern-based asset finding out into a function
  • Fixed injector page listbox continuing under console
  • cleaned up some messy copy-pasted app descriptions
  • tools like nut are now Popen() in a config folder so config files aren't at risk, this is for the future addition of proper version managing for nut and fluffy
  • Serial checker no longer needs download as it has been re-written as a single file
  • Fixed bug with adding forked repos
  • Search now updates with every character typed
  • Users can now set the name of an added repo
  • Improved per-file-type-handling
  • Content
    • Added ComicNX
    • Added Apollo
    • Added hbmenu
    • Removed sdsetup-switch (for now) per authors recommendation
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