(Torch + Tensorflow) A deep magic brings color to your monochrome image!
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Image Colorization

Highlight: Stylization Network

To clone the whole project, use git clone --recursive:
git clone --recursive https://github.com/Lyken17/Image-Colorization


Approachs Reference Model Size Quality
Multi-Level Feature (this one) siggraph16 332M High
Stylization Network [ECCV] 17M Medium ~ High (best on outdoor scences)
Residual Encoder Network \ 98M Medium

For Colorizing Images or Training Models

Please refer to the sub-directory corresponding to the specific approach you want to utilize.

  • Pre-trained Models

    Please download them in RELEASE

  • Technical details

    Please refer to our report




See sub-directory. If sub-directory doesn't contain a LICENSE file, then MIT License applies.