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Welcome to the Gorillas development site


Gorillas is an iPhone game based on the gameplay of an old game written by IBM folks in the QBasic language, and first distributed by Microsoft in MS-DOS 5 as a demonstration of the programming language.

The ‘’Gorillas’’ iPhone game is a port of this old game, which introduces some convenience features (such as one-tap throwing), improved graphics (no kidding), and competitive gameplay through the introduction of a dynamic AI and a scoring system.

Find out more on the Gorillas homepage.

The License

Gorillas is free software in the sense that anyone may take the code, do with it whatever they want, build it and install it on their device and play it; all without any cost. The application is also sold on the App Store for whomever doesn’t want to bother with compiling and installing the code manually.

In good spirit, and because we can only grow forward by helping one another, the entire source code of Gorillas is available under the terms of the JRL license.

That means everyone is basically granted the following permissions for the entire source code base:

  • You may reproduce, modify and use freely.
  • You may share this code or your modifications of this code with anyone (respecting the rules below).
  • After seeing this code, you’re free to write your own code (free from the rules below) based on what you learned from this code.

Provided they abide by the following rules:

  • Distribute this or your modifications of this code for research purposes only (which is to say, not in the App Store or as an end product of any kind. In other words: For your own personal use).
  • All the code, imagery, videos etc. are copyrighted to me (unless specified otherwise); so if you want to use any of it yourself, contact me first.

You can browse the source code and follow its progression through github. If you’re interested, feel free to fork the code and modify it however you like!

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