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The game is described in Environment. If you're interested in contributing, take a section from that page with a completion tag of none or partial and implement the described functionality that is still missing from the game.

To contribute in any other way (create a game client, game AI, provide artwork, localization, etc.) contact us (via an issue or by email) or just fork the project and get started.


Currently, the game has a CLI and a GUI client.

omicron-cli screenshot This is a Java client that runs in a terminal.

omicron-gui screenshot

We are expecting future clients for: web, desktop, iOS, Android.


There is currently one AI in development: OmicronAI. This agent-based hierarchical AI, emulates command structure any (military) organization. More details can be found on the AI project page.

OmicronAI v0.1 gui interface screenshot

This screenshot shows a status snaphot of the data gathered by the AI. It shows in bright green the location of an engineer (Engineer_1), and its field-of-view (in white). Overlayed is the information of the AI on the presence of fuel (quantity and confidence in the quantity value).

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