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Lynnear Edition

This version makes quite a few changes from the original, such as:

  • Unicode support
  • Non-Markov stuff
  • Stores toots in a sqlite database rather than a text file
    • Doesn't unecessarily redownload all toots every time

Install/usage guide

An installation and usage guide is available here. It's primarily targeted at Linux, but it should be possible on BSD, macOS, etc. I've also put some effort into providing steps for Windows, but I can't make any guarantees as to its effectiveness.


Configuring mstdn-ebooks is accomplished by editing config.json.

Setting Default Meaning
site The instance your bot will log in to and post from.
cw null The content warning (aka subject) mstdn-ebooks will apply to non-error posts.
instance_blacklist ["", ""] If your bot is following someone from a blacklisted instance, it will skip over them and not download their posts. This is useful for ensuring that mstdn-ebooks doesn't download posts from dead instances, without you having to unfollow the user(s) from them.
learn_from_cw false If true, mstdn-ebooks will learn from CW'd posts.
mention_handling 1 0: Never use mentions. 1: Only generate fake mentions in the middle of posts, never at the start. 2: Use mentions as normal (old behaviour).
max_thread_length 15 The maximum number of bot posts in a row before it stops replying. A thread can be 10 or 10000 posts long, but the bot will stop after it has posted max_thread_length times.

Original README

hey look it's an ebooks bot


install the requirements with sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

make a bot (probably on bots in space) and follow the target accounts

run python3 to login and scrape

run python3 to make a toot

cron is an okay choice to make it toot regularly

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