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Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online Launcher written in Python
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Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online
Launcher for Linux and Mac OS X
(C) 2009 AJackson

Based on LotROLinux
(C) 2007-2008 AJackson

Based on CLI launcher for
LOTRO (C) 2007-2009 SNy

To install

NB The following items are required
to run PyLotRO

Python (2.x or 3.x work, 3.2+ recommended)

recommended optional package:

On Ubuntu you should only need to
install python-qt4 (or python3-pyqt4)

Install using
sudo ./ install


sudo python install

or if you want Python 3.x

sudo python3 install

To uninstall

sudo ./ uninstall


sudo python uninstall

To run

From terminal:

From menu:
Select the menu option for Lord of the Rings Online

A settings wizard exists that can attempt to
find relevant installations of LotRO or DDO.
For CrossOver and CrossOver Games it searches
in the default bottle location. For Wine it
looks for wine folders in your home directory
(folders tarting with a full stop with a
directory called drive_c under that). For all
options it tries to find the game in the
"Program Files" directory (or directories off
that). If your game is installed elsewhere then
you will need to manually configure the game.

The wizard will default hi-res graphics to
enabled if it finds the file associated with
that (client_highres.dat) in the game folder.
Note the DLL used for patching is set to
patchclient.dll, for DDO you will need to enter
the options window and manually change it if
you wish to patch the game (see below).

To switch between the launcher using it's
settings for Lord of the Rings Online and
Dungeons & Dragons Online select the Switch
option under the Options menu.

To patch the game files with official patches
released by Turbine/Codemaster select the
Patch from the Options menu and follow the
instructions. Note at this time Dungeons &
Dragons Online needs a copy of patchclient.dll
from Lord of the Rings Online book 11 or newer.
This file should be renamed and placed in the
DDO directory and the name entered under
Settings -> Options in the Patch Client DLL field.

You can change your settings via the
Settings -> Options menu.

All options are game dependant (ie can be set
differently for LOTRO and DDO).

If save these settings is ticked then your
account name, language and realm selection
are saved when you successfully login.

NB: Your password is not saved for security

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