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This is a thesis template designed for the CDT in Applied Photonics and following the rules of Heriot-Watt university.

To download the template click on the top right button "Code" (the green one) and select "Download ZIP"

Something to keep in mind:

General advice

  • The files are divided in the folders tex for the tex code and fig for the figures. Each folder is subdivided by chapter. This structure helped me to keep track of changes and easily move blocks of content around the thesis by simply inputting the file in a different place.
  • Try to export your graphics in pdf. The files are usually lighter than .png or .jpg and they are vector graphic so you can zoom in as much as you want
  • This template uses biblatex with the backend biber. If you prefer using the older bibtex you need to modify some line in the code.


Backup your thesis use some form of automatic backup of your thesis. Computers tend to die sometimes.

  • If you use Git I provide a .gitignore file in case you are using git. The file ignore the figures for space reason so remember to also back them up. I found Git to be a blessing because it remembers all the previous version of your thesis. You always know what you changed and when. And can recover mistakes by loading a previous version.
  • Free file sync is a freeware software to synchronize folders eg. you work folder + external hard drive + Cloud storage
  • Inkscape allows you to modify pdf images and create vector graphics.
  • TeXstudio is a LaTeX editor that works really well with structured projects like this one. It is not the only one but I used it and was pretty happy with it!
  • JabRef low level powerful editor for .bib files.
  • Overleaf is a very powerful online latex editor. But remember: no internet connection = no editing!

This template has been developed by Leonardo Del Bino. You do not need to cite me and you can use this template as you like. If it has been useful to you or you have improvement to suggest, drop a message!


Thesis template for Heriot-Watt university, specifically for CDT in Applied Photonics students








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