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@faetos faetos released this 22 Feb 17:39
· 499 commits to merged since this release

1.7.5 Release Notes


This release changes some of the seed nodes to the consolidated list

  1. Also bans all version prior to 1.7.4 due to chain forking issues.
  2. Update if you want. It is not required in any way.


If you are having trouble synching the chain you can copy the bootstrap.dat into your Lytix folder and it will synch from disk up to 2/23/2019 8:04 AM CST. Then it will connect to the network and get a few remaining blocks.


Make sure that Lytix is not running.
Make a backup of your Lytix directory or at the very least make a backup of your wallet.dat file.

Copy the bootstrap.dat to the following locations:

Windows: %APPDATA%\Lytix
MacOSX: Libraries/Application Support/Lytix
Linux: .lytix

Start the client and you will see at the bottom it will read "Synchronizing from Disk." After it completes then it will reach out to the network to complete synchronization. This may take about 5 minutes to update masternodes, sporks, etc

Raw Block Copy

If you want the raw blocks you can use the LytixBlocks.tar or and copy that over the blocks directory in your Lytix folder. If you do the bootstrap you don't need to do this. This is just a different method to accomplish the same task.