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Domoticz module for MagicMirror2.

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Create your own subfolder in "modules". In that subfolder, create a new subfolder and name it "domoticz". Copy domoticz.js to that folder (MagicMirror/modules/marvidsson/domoticz/domoticz.js).


In config.js, add the following lines and change it to match your setup and sensors.

		module: 'marvidsson/domoticz', //folder
		header: 'Domoticz',
		position: 'top_left',
		config: {
			apiBase: "", //Domoticz IP
			apiPort: "8082", //Port
			sensors: [
					idx: "65", //Device IDX
					symbolon: "fa fa-user", /font-awesome icon if device is On
					symboloff: "fa fa-user-o", //font-awesome icon if device is Off (this will also be used if it is a temperature-de
					hiddenon: true, //true = hide if device is on (default: false)
					hiddenoff: false, //frue = hide if device is off (default: false)
					customTitle: "Bedroom lamp",
					idx: "539",
					symbolon: "fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin",
					symboloff: "fa fa-circle-o-notch",
					idx: "539",
					symbolon: "fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin",
					symboloff: "fa fa-circle-o-notch",
					hiddenoff: false,
					idx: "88",
					symbolon: "fa fa-tachometer",
					symboloff: "fa fa-tachometer",

Todo list

  • Config - Hide device when it's on or off
  • Config - Custom device title