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Old school chase action game 'A7Xpg'.

How to play

Control your ship and gather golds. The ship accelerates while holding the boost button. A boost power runs out about 1.5 seconds, so you have to push the boost button again to maintain the speed.

The gauge at the right-down corner is the power gauge. The power increases when you take a gold at high speed. When the power gauge becomes full, your ship becomes invincible for a while. Attack enemies and earn the bonus score.

The game was created by Kenta Cho ( and released with BSD 2-Clause License. (See readme.txt/readme_e.txt)

This fork is a port to D version 2, Linux, Pandora. It also contains an OpenGL ES branch.

The Pandora release is based on OpenGL ES branch, but it also works in master branch (OpenGL) using ptitSeb's fork of glshim -