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TUMIKI Fighters

Stick more enemies and become much stronger.

Sticky 2D shooter, 'TUMIKI Fighters'.

How to play

Control your ship and destroy enemies. The ship is destroyed when it is hit by a bullet. The body of the enemy has no collision damage.

You can catch the enemy's broken pieces. Pieces are stuck to your ship and counterattack the enemies. You can also earn the bonus score by keeping many pieces stuck. Stuck pieces are destroyed when they touch an enemy's bullet.

While holding a slow key, the ship becomes slow and the ship direction is fixed. Stuck pieces are pulled in and you can prevent a crash of them, but the bonus score reduces to one fifth. Enemy's pieces are not stuck while holding this key.

The game was created by Kenta Cho ( and released with BSD 2-Clause License. (See readme.txt/readme_e.txt)

It uses the libBulletML library by shinichiro.h (

This fork is a port to D version 2, Pandora. It also contains an OpenGL ES branch.

The Pandora release is based on OpenGL ES branch, but it also works in master branch (OpenGL) using glshim (original or ptitSeb's fork) - or

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