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M Prime One BOM

Part Quantity Unit Notes
NEMA 17 Motor 4 unit
Mechanical endstop v1.8 2 unit
LM8UU linear bearing 12 unit
623ZZ bearing 9 unit
GT2 belt 1 meter
GT2 belt pulley 2 unit
Flexible shaft coupler 1 unit
M3x20 100 unit More than necessary
M3x10 100 unit More than necessary
M3 nut 100 unit More than necesary
M3 washer 100 unit More than necesary
M5 nut 1 unit
MK7 drive gear 1 unit
Bowden pneumatic fitting 1 unit Can be substituted with a M4 nut it using the hex nut version of the extruder
Frame 1 unit
Bed 1 unit 295x195x3mm aluminium/dibond plate.
Magnets 4 unit
40x40mm fan 1 unit
Inductive sensor 1 unit LJ12A3-4-Z/BY
Rods 1 set Detailed below
Printed parts 1 set Detailed below
Hotend 1 unit ‎Any hotend with a Ø12mm mount should be compatible. Tested with J-Head
Electronics 1 set
Power source 1 unit A 60W laptop-type power source is compact and has proven been enough


Rods Quantity Length
X 8mm smooth rod 2 300mm
Y 8mm smooth rod 2 280mm
Z 8mm smooth rod 2 365mm
Z M5 threaded rod 1 230mm

Printed parts

Printed parts Quantity Notes
bowden_extruder 1 Use the hex nut version for attaching the bowden cable with a M4 nut
hotend_and_probe_holder 1 Needs support
printer_head 1
smooth_rod_holder 4
x_axis_end 2
x_motor_support 1
y_rear_end 1
yz_carriage 1 Use the yz_carriage_fixed.stl file that fixes mesh problems
z_motor_support 1
arduino_holder 2 Optional. Compatible with Arduino+RAMPS electronics
lcd_holder_left 1 Optional. Compatible with Smart Controller LCD
lcd_holder_right 1 Optional. Compatible with Smart Controller LCD
tool_holder 1 Optional. Use if you want a tool holder in the front of the printer

Spreadsheet version

An online, spreadsheet version of this BOM can be accessed in the URL Feel free to copy the document and make your own list.