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Simple udp-lirc daemon for yaUsbIr
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yausbir_lirc is a simple LIRC UDP daemon which can be used to get the yaUsbIR receiver module connected to an unpatched LIRC version.

yausbir_lirc has been initially written by "uwe67" and abandoned in favor of the LIRC driver patch which also features sending IR codes.

As I prefer to use an unpatched LIRC, and wanted to learn something about the basics of infrared code decoding, I decided to backport all the fixes and improvements, that only landed in the driver patch, to the UDP daemon.


make install

Now get sure that your LIRC daemon gets started with the "UDP" driver

lircd -H udp

Finally start the yausbir_lirc daemon


If your distribution uses systemd, then "make install" installs a service file for you. In this case you may just do the following:

systemctl enable yausbir_lirc
systemctl start yausbir_lirc
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