A Classic Snake Game using an Arduino and an Adafruit NeoPixel Sheild
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NeoPixel Snake

A version on the classic Snake games, made with an Arduino, PS/2 Keyboard and Adafruits NeoPixel Sheild

============ Description

Full write up can be found at http://mario.mtechcreations.com/programing/adafruit-neopixel-snake-game/


1. If the Snake goes off the screen, the game will end
2. If the Snake goes back over itself, the game will end
3. After eating food, the Snake will grow by one space


1. Press Enter to start the game
2. When the game starts, the Snake will start to move up
3. Use the arrow keys to move, or a,s,d, and w
3. When the game ends, all the lights will turn red
4. Press delete to reset the game
5. To see the game board again without reseting, press Enter