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.NET Core console app to push wsjtx_log.adi into Cloudlog
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.NET Core console app to push wsjtx_log.adi into Cloudlog

Watches wsjtx_log.adi for changes and auto-uploads new contacts live, including while QSOs are ongoing, removing the need to log manually.

(Still need to have "Prompt me to log QSO" turned on in WSJT-X)


  • .NET Core 2.1 SDK and/or runtime, not sure (download page)
  • Any OS that .NET Core 2.1 runs on. Built on OS X, should work fine on Windows and Linux too.
  • Recent Cloudlog install + API key for it (from the Admin menu)


One-off setup

git clone
cd adifpush/adifpush
dotnet run --configure

and follow the steps. Supply your cloudlog base URL, and a read/write API key.


For auto-watch and auto-upload of WSJT-X's logfile from the default location, simply start with no command line parameters:

cd adifpush/adifpush
dotnet run

or for one-off upload of the whole log, e.g. for missed contacts: (dupe checking is server side)

cd adifpush/adifpush
dotnet run /path/to/wsjtx_log.adi
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