A super simple image & video gallery server
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imageMe is a super simple image and video gallery server which can be run in both Python 2 and Python 3.

Think python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer or python3 -m http.server for pictures and HTML5 supported videos with multithreading support.

Super Duper Easy One Line Usage

To run the imageMe server on port 8000:

> curl https://cdn.rawgit.com/M157q/imageme/master/imageme.py | python


  • Basic funtionality like SimpleHTTPServer
  • Multithreading
  • Images support
    • Use Pillow to generate thumbnails for better user experience. (Need to install Pillow)
  • HTML5 videos support (Depends on which browser you are using, you can check MDN for futher details.)
  • Some additional CLI options

Installation / Setup

Step 1: Get the File

You can clone this repo:

> git clone https://github.com/M157q/imageme.git

Or just grab the file directly:

> wget https://cdn.rawgit.com/M157q/imageme/master/imageme.py

Step 2: Setup

  1. You can do nothing and just run the script by using python imageme.py [options] with the usage below.
  2. You can add the dirpath of imageme.py into the PATH environment variable of your shell, then you can run imageMe simply with imageme.py [options]. (Don't forget to set it to executable by chmod command first.)
  3. If you want the same like python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer or python3 -m http.server, you can create a soft link for imageme.py in the site-packages directory of your python lib or just copy it to there. After that, you can just use python -m imageme [options] to run the imageMe server. (The more convenient way with this is installing via pip, I will add a setup.py for this in the future.)

About the [options], you can see the Manual / Usage section below.

Manual / Usage

usage: imageme.py [-h] [-d DIR] [-i INDEX_FILE_NAME] [-c COLUMN] [-w WIDTH]

positional arguments:
  port                  The port number for server to listen. (default: 8000)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIR, --dir DIR     The root directory for server to run. (default:
                        current directory)
  -i INDEX_FILE_NAME, --index-file-name INDEX_FILE_NAME
                        The html filename for every directory. (default:
  -c COLUMN, --column COLUMN
                        Number of columns per row for table. (default: 3)
  -w WIDTH, --width WIDTH
                        The width in pixels for every thumbnail. (default:
  -s, --separate-image-and-video
                        Separate the images and the videos in webpage


How to run imageMe

Run imageme.py / python imageme.py / python -m imagme (Depends on which installation you used, here I will use python -m imageme as example) from the root directory you want to share:

> cd /path/to/my/pics
> python -m imageme
Processing .
Creating index file ./imageme.html
Processing ./photos
Creating index file ./photos/imageme.html
Processing ./photos/holiday
Creating index file ./photos/holiday/imageme.html
Processing ./photos/family
Creating index file ./photos/family/imageme.html
Processing ./super_secret_stay_out
Creating index file ./super_secret_stay_out/imageme.html
Your images are at

You can specify a port, just like you can with SimpleHTTPServer or http.server:

> python -m imagme 5678
Processing .
Your images are at

Browse and Enjoy

Hit the URL imageMe tells you in your browser, and have fun exploring.