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MREFD ref-dash

This is the dashboard as seen on M17-M17 Reflector to be used with mrefd.

Version 1.3.0 - mrefd v0.3.0 and introducing health checks!

Non-breaking change to - if you intend on using the health checks, either create a new config file from or insert the line containing $CallHome['GUID'] to your existing configuration file. Follow the instructions below for setting up health checks!

Clone dashboard to /var/www

sudo rm /var/www/html
sudo git clone /var/www/html     # or where ever your system www root is located

Please note that your www root directory might be some place else. There is one file that needs configuration. Edit the copied files, not the ones from the repository:

cd /var/www/html/include
sudo cp


  • Homepage link
    • edit config.ini.php to change the logo to link to your homepage. Defaults to the M17 website.
  • Logo file
    • place your logo in /images (SVG preferred) and edit config.ini.php to change the logo image. Defaults to the M17 logo.

Health Checks - DEPRECATED AS OF 31 JAN 2021

The new reflectors list is being coded to provide active checks from the M17 Reflectors server.

When this feature is finished, a status update will show here as well as be announced on the M17 Twitter feed.

Files to edit

  • include/
    • ContactEmail - set this to the sysop's email address
    • IPV4 - set this to the IPv4 address of the reflector
    • IPV6 - set this to the IPv6 address of the reflector, if not used, enter NONE
    • Homepage - set this to your homepage, defaults to m17project
    • Logo - set this to the filename of your logo, defaults to M17 logo
    • LocalModification - set this to your local modification version number if you modify the main code


If you notice that the formatting of the page does not look correct, please be sure to clear your browser's cache!