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Terraform Secure Static Site module

This module provides a secure static website, hosted on S3 and delivered via Cloudfront using a certificate provided by ACM. It also supports canonical URLs of the format by mapping path prefixes to the index.html file under that directory. It's the most complete implementation of a static website pattern that I've been able to find so far.

An example of usage for a real project can be seen here

Required variables

Required providers

Your website can be deployed in a region of your choosing, but ACM and Lambda functions for Cloudfront must be deployed in us-east-1. Therefore the module expects two providers:

  • aws.main An AWS provider in any region (can be us-east-1)
  • An AWS provider for us-east-1

Optional variables

  • bucket_website_name Tag Name for the website bucket (default: "Static website hosting bucket")
  • bucket_logs_name Tag Name for the logs bucket (default: "Static website logs bucket")
  • ttl Default TTL on cloudfront (default: 300)
  • cert_name Name of the ACM certificate (default: "Static website certificate")

Future scope

  • Allow more flexibility with variable maps for tags


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