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Logo NSudo - System Administration Toolkit

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This is the source code repository of NSudo. If you wonder to visit the NSudo official website, download NSudo or read the NSudo documents etc, please visit

This readme file will be the developer oriented document because this it is under the source code repository.

2021 Development Roadmap

  • Add Current User (Elevated) Mode.
    • Implemented in NSudo Shared Library.
    • Implemented in NSudo Launcher.
  • Use wxWidgets to implement the UI.
  • TOML-based environment configuration file.
  • Add more APIs to NSudo Shared Library.
  • Export PDF directly from the offical website.
  • Improve the Gitee mirror experience.
    • Translate the readme in the source tree root.
    • Synchronizing automatically when commits pushed.

Relevant People

Please read

Code of Conduct

Please read

Contributing to NSudo

How to become a contributor

  • Direct contributions
  • Feedback suggestions and bugs.
    • We use GitHub issues to track bugs and features.
    • For bugs and general issues please file a new issue.

Code contribution guidelines


  • Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.9 or later.
    • You also need install ARM64 components (MSVC Toolchain and ATL/MFC) if you want to compile ARM64 version of NSudo.
  • Windows 10 Version 1507 SDK or later.
    • You also need install ARM64 components when you installing the Windows 10 Version 1703 SDK or later and you want to compile ARM64 version of NSudo.

How to build all targets of NSudo

Run BuildAllTargets.bat in Source/Native.

How to modify or debugging NSudo

Open NSudo.sln in Source/Native.

Code style and conventions

For all languages respect the .editorconfig file specified in the source tree. Many IDEs natively support this or can with a plugin.

Copying files from other projects

The following rules must be followed for PRs that include files from another project:

  • The license of the file is permissive.
  • The license of the file is left intact.
  • The contribution is correctly attributed in the License file in the repository, as needed.

How to update documents.

Refer to #29.

To build new docs, you'll need to have Node.js and Yarn installed on your system, and run build.bat in Website.

Docs engine is based on VuePress.