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# Install the Infor ION Grid on a CentOS droplet at DigitalOcean
export INSTALLER=~/Downloads/installer-1.13.77.jar
if (test ! -f "$INSTALLER"); then
echo -e "Missing $INSTALLER"
# install the JDK
sudo yum --assumeyes install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel
# install PostgreSQL
sudo yum --assumeyes install postgresql-server
sudo postgresql-setup initdb
# setup password authentication for PostgreSQL
sudo sed --in-place \
-e "s/host all all\/32 ident/host all all\/32 md5/" \
-e "s/host all all ::1\/128 ident/host all all ::1\/128 md5/" \
# start and enable PostgreSQL
sudo systemctl start postgresql
sudo systemctl enable postgresql
# set the PostgreSQL password
sudo -i -u postgres psql -c "ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password 'password123';"
# create the Grid database
sudo -i -u postgres createdb InforIONGrid
# create the user and group for the Grid service
sudo groupadd grid
sudo useradd -g grid grid
# get the droplet's external IP address
IPADDR=$(ifconfig eth0 | awk '/inet /{print substr($2,1)}')
# create the
java -jar ~/Downloads/installer-1.13.77.jar -console -options-template ~/Downloads/
# change the properties
sed --in-place \
-e "/install.path=/ s/=.*/=\/opt\/Infor\/InforIONGrid/" \
-e "/jdk.path=/ s/=.*/=\/usr\/lib\/jvm\/java-openjdk/" \
-e "/database.jdbc=/ s/=.*/=jdbc:postgresql:\/\/localhost:5432\/InforIONGrid/" \
-e "/database.username=/ s/=.*/=postgres/" \
-e "/database.password=/ s/=.*/=password123/" \
-e "/database.schema=/ s/=.*/=public/" \
-e "/grid.externaladdress=/ s/=.*/=$IPADDR/" \
-e "/grid.hostname=/ s/=.*/=$HOSTNAME/" \
-e "/grid.internaladdress=/ s/=.*/=$HOSTNAME/" \
-e "/service.username=/ s/=.*/=grid/" \
-e "/ s/=.*/=grid/" \
# install the Grid
sudo java -jar ~/Downloads/installer-1.13.77.jar -console -options ~/Downloads/