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100 Ideas That Changed the Web

Idea No. 12: Bulletin Board Systems

In the early days of the Internet, different communities from gamers to artists to journalists to fans of various things started their own BBSs. What are some examples of early BBSs that aren't mentioned in the book. Support your answer with sources. (extra props if you can find a BBS that is still active and you can figure out how to visit it!)

Idea No. 36: GeoCities

The book mentions that Yahoo! purchased GeoCities and that, because they were loosing money on it, Yahoo! would eventually announce that they would be shutting it down. However, it did not mention the fact that this annoucement was made only a few months before the shut down. Yahoo! would be deleting all the data on the GeoCities servers, this meant thousands of early user generated websites would disappear from the Internet forever. Fortunately, some folks found those websites to be important and valuable pieces of Internet history and took action to try and preserve some of these sites. Who are these people? What did they do to save GeoCities? Support your answer with sources.

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