Athena | General User Interface for the Theos Tweak Development Framework
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Athena | GUI For Theos Jailbreak Development Framework
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Main Screen

New Package Creator Screen


Update 1.0.1:

- Add Final Package Flag (Remove debug from deb file name)
- Fix UI Up

Included Files:

  • athena-linux: the linux binary for Athena
  • athena-mac: the mac binary for Athena
  • Python file and program for Windows


  • Theos (obviously)
  • Linux or MacOS
  • Theos Environment Variables Setup Correctly
  • Possibly Python 3.6 and PyQt5/PySide2 and PySimpleGUIQt for Windows

Getting Started:

On Windows:

Download the file and put it in it's own directory. Download from pip: PySide2, PyQt5, and PySimpleGUIQt. CD into the Athena directory and run python If any errors for importing modules comes up simple run pip install <required module>.

Note: Athena on Windows can only create packages at this time.

On Mac/Linux:

Download the correct binary for your system. Run chmod +x athena inside the directory of Athena. After that run ./athena and the program will start. You must have Theos installed and working correctly prior