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Official SileoGenAPI Source Code for Public Contributions
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This repository is home to the source code of the API. This API in it's current state only has 1 endpoint which generates depictions for Sileo. If you would like to contribute feel free to do so by making a fork and then pull request. All changes are appreciated!


To start clone the repository and run virtualenv .flaskapp. From there enable the virtualenv shell and run pip install flask flask-restful. Now all you have to do is run flask run and the server will start at http://localhost:5000.


All API Documentation resides at Currently there is only 1 endpoint so there isn't much to read.

SileoGen and the SileoGen brand are registered trademarks of Max Bridgland Software. Use of the name without explicit permission is strictly forbidden and will be followed up with legal concequences. To learn more read

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