A simple script that generates modRana compatible Monav offline routing data from OSM files.
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Monav data generator

This simple script generates modRana compatible Monav routing data packs from OpenStreetMap data files (both plain osm files and pbf are supported).


You need to have monav-preprocessor installed (as this script is basically a wrapper around it). The monav-preprocessor package should be available from the default repositories in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and other major distributions.


./generator.py osm_data_file [output_directory_name]

If no output_directory_name is provided, the filename of the osm_data_file without extension will be used instead.


./generate.py czech_republic.osm.pbf Czech_Republic_2012


The Monav preprocessor can run a part the conversion in multiple threads, speeding the whole process quite a bit. By default, 4 threads are used.

To set the thread number, just edit the THREADS variable in the generate.py file. The number of threads should roughly correspond to the number of logical processing cores on your machine.