A lightweight and portable Monav-based offline routing software.
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MoNav Light

MoNav Light is a lightweight and platform independent offline routing software that works on pre-rpocessed OpenStreetMap data and uses JSON for input and output.


qmake monav-light.pro

JSON input format


{ "dataDirectory": "czech-republic/routing_car", "lookupEdgeNames": true, "routingRadius": 10000, "waypoints": [ [ 49.200000000000003, 16.616667, 0, 0 ], [ 50.083333000000003, 14.416667, 0, 0 ] ] }

  • dataDirectory - path to a valid MoNav offline routing data directory
  • lookupEdges - if name and type of the edges comprising the route should bee looked up
  • routingRadius - how far too look (in meters) around start/destination/waypoints for the nearest edge
  • waypoints a list waypoints the resulting route should pass through, the waypoint list has fields like this:
    • latitude
    • longitude
    • heading penalty - penalty in meters for edge with direction opposite of heading
    • heading - Degrees from North

At least two waypoints are needed for the routing request to be valid.

JSON output format

The output JSON is quite self describing - just run the example and it should be fairly evident what is what.

In short there are 4 main lists:

  • edgeNames - ordered list of names of the edges comprising the route
  • edgeTypes - ordered list of the types (based on OSM tag) of the edges comprising the route
  • edges - an ordered list of edges comprising the route, each edge segment is represented as a list:
    • number of segments - how many segments the given edge has
    • name index - index of the name of the edge in the edgeNames list
    • 0 -> first name in edgeNames, 1 -> second name, etc.
    • type index - index of the type of the edge in the edgeTypes list
    • 0 -> first type in edgeTypes, 1 -> second type, etc.
    • seconds - most probably how many seconds a given mode of transport will need to traverse the edge
    • branching possible - most probably if it is possible to turn to other edges than those comprising the route
  • nodes - list of latitude, longitude lists expressing the points comprising the route

To simply draw the route you can just render all the points from nodes, for turn-by-turn navigation you would usually iterate over all the edges comprising the route and assigning them names based on the name index and assigning nodes by adding number of segements together and using it as an index for the nodes list.

Usage example

Download a preprocessed Monav offline routing data pack:

wget http://data.modrana.org/monav/europe/czech-republic/czech-republic_car.tar.gz

Unpack it:

tar xfv czech-republic_car.tar.gz

Run a routing query:

monav-light "{\"lookupEdgeNames\":true,\"routingRadius\":10000,\"dataDirectory\":\"czech-republic/routing_car\",\"waypoints\":[[49.2,16.616667,0,0],[50.083333,14.416667,0,0]]}"



MoNav Light is, just as Monav, licensed under GPLv3+.