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AWS-BUNDLE Build Status

Aws client as a Symfony Service

This bundle is deprecated

Please use the official AWS Symfony bundle instead.

configure your AWS user credentials and services

Reference guide of AWS configuration services. See AWS Configuration reference

  • m6_web_aws:
    • credentials: # List of AWS user credentials

      • default: Name of AWS user
        • key: "azerty" [optional] Your AWS user's access key ID. See AWS access keys
        • secret: "1337" [optional] Your AWS user's secret access key. See AWS access keys
        • region: "us-west-2" [optional] Region name (e.g., 'us-east-1', 'us-west-1', 'us-west-2', 'eu-west-1', etc.)
        • scheme: [optional] URI Scheme of the base URL (e.g.. 'https', 'http') used when base_url is not supplied.
        • base_url: [optional] Allows you to specify a custom endpoint instead of having the SDK build one automatically from the region and scheme.
        • signature: [optional]
        • signature_service: [optional] Alias of signature.service. The signature service scope for Signature V4. See Setting a custom endpoint
        • signature_region: [optional] Alias of signature.region. The signature region scope for Signature V4. See Setting a custom endpoint
        • curl_options: [optional] Alias of curl.options
        • request_options: [optional] Alias of request.options
        • command_params: [optional] Alias of command.params
      • ops: # Another AWS user
        • key: ...
        • secret:
        • region:
    • clients:

      • 6cloud_cdn:
        • credential: "default" [optional] AWS user name
        • service: "S3" [required] AWS service Alias (see below)
        • region: "us-west-1" [optional] Override region name.
    • s3:

      • buckets:
        • dev: Name of the bucket (use to define service name)
          • name: "s3-bucket-name" Real name of the bucket
          • client: "6cloud_cdn" Client name defined above
    • sqs:

      • dev: Name of the sqs config (use to define service name)
        • client: "sqs_client" Client name defined above
    • sts:

      • dev: Name of the sts config (use to define service name)
        • client: "sts_client" Client name defined above
    • dynamodb:

      • dev: Name of the client
        • client: "6cloud_cdn" Client name defined above

Aliases for AWS Services :

(case sensitive)

  • AutoScaling
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudFront
  • cloudfront (version : 2012-05-05)
  • CloudSearch
  • cloudsearch (version : 2011-02-01)
  • CloudTrail
  • CloudWatch
  • DataPipeline
  • DirectConnect
  • DynamoDb
  • dynamodb (version: 2011-12-05)
  • Ec2
  • ElastiCache
  • ElasticBeanstalk
  • ElasticLoadBalancing
  • ElasticTranscoder
  • Emr
  • Glacier
  • Kinesis
  • Iam
  • ImportExport
  • OpsWorks
  • Rds
  • Redshift
  • Route53
  • S3
  • SimpleDb
  • Ses
  • Sns
  • Sqs
  • StorageGateway
  • Sts
  • Support
  • Swf

SQS Example

    $client = $this->getContainer()->get('m6web_aws.sqs.workers');
    $queue = $client->getQueue('queue_test');

    for ($i=0; $i<100; $i++) {
        echo $client->sendMessage($queue, "hello world $i") . "\n";

    $i = 0;
    while($messages = $client->receiveMessage($queue, 10)) {
        foreach($messages as $message) {
            echo $message['Body'] . "... ";
            if ($client->deleteMessage($queue, $message['ReceiptHandle'])) {
                echo "OK\n";
            } else echo "ERROR\n";

    echo"\n===> READ : $i\n";

STS Example

    $client = $this->getContainer()->get('m6web_aws.sts.m6');

    $sessionToken = $client->getSessionToken();
    $credentials  = $client->createCredentials($sessionToken);

    echo "Key : " . $credentials->getSecretKey() . "\n";
    echo "Token : " . $credentials->getSecurityToken() . "\n";


DataCollector is enabled by defaut.

To disable :

    disable_data_collector: true

Unit tests :

    composer install
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