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Crawler that will send you an email alert as soon as servers on OVH/Kimsufi become available for purchase


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Kimsufi/So-you-Start Avaliability Crawler

Crawler that will notify you when Kimsufi servers (or So-you-Start, or OVH) become available for purchase.

git clone
cd kimsufi-crawler
cp config.json.example config.json
vim config.json   # edit config.json file to set up your nofitication preferences
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


Dedicated servers on Kimsufi and So you Start have amazing prices, however they are always out of stock. This crawler will notify you as aoon as servers are available for purchase; it can send emails, show Mac OS notifications, open popup windows, or even trigger sms. Then hurry up, you have around 2 minutes to complete your order :)

Set it up

Runs on GNU/Linux, Mac and Widnows with Python 2.7+ or Python 3.4+

  • Clone this repo (git clone or download and unpack archive

  • Taking config.json.example as a template, create a file config.json and correct configuration according to your preferences:

    • servers: list of servers that should be tracked, eg ["KS-1", "KS-2 SSD", "GAME-2"] etc. All supported server names can be found in mapping file mapping/server_types.json as values)

    • region: desired location of server, canada or europe

    • notifier: notification mechanism, choose between:

      • "email": default, requires additional email account settings
      • "popup": simple popup window, platform-independent
      • "popup_pywin": simple popup window, displays on top of all other windows (Windows only, requires pywin32 package)
      • "osx": Mac OS-X desktop notifications (using terminal-notifier)
      • "smsapi": sms through gateway, requires account
      • "xmpp": send jabber/xmpp message, requires account - needs xmpppy
      • "pushover": send Pushover message, requires account - needs chump
      • "pushbullet": send Pushbullet message, requires account - needs pushbullet
      • "freemobile": sends sms to freemobile customer, requires account - needs requests
      • "telegram": sends message to a Telegram chat - needs python-telegram-bot
    • to_email: your email to receive notifications

    • from_email: email account of the crawler.

    • from_pwd, from_smtp_host: smtp configuration of crawler email account

    • xmpp_jid, xmpp_password, xmpp_recipient, xmpp_send_test: xmpp configuration of sending jabber account

    • pushover_application_id, pushover_user_id: your Pushover configuration, messages are sent to all devices assigned to user

    • pushover_priority: priority of the notification to receive. -2 is lowest and 2 is highest

    • pushbullet_apikey: your Pushbullet API key, notification sent to all devices

    • freemobile_username: your freemobile login

    • freemobile_key: your freemobile sms notification key

    • telegram_token: full token you receive from BotFather after creating a bot

    • telegram_chat_id: chat id you want to receive the message in. Retrieve by following for example this stackoverflow answer

  • Crawler runs on Python 2.7+ and Tornado framework 4.0+. Assuming that you already have Python/pip, just get Tornado and the notifier dependencies with sudo pip install -r requirements.txt. You can also set up virtualenv if you like.

  • Run with python If no error messages come, you're ready.

  • (optional) If your pip install command fails due to xmpppy being on pre-release version (eg. 0.5.0rc1) use: sudo pip install --pre -r requirements.txt

  • (optional) In case of problems with easygui installation on Ubuntu, you can get it also with sudo apt-get install python-easygui

  • (optional) It's a good idea to register an account on Kimsufi/OVH in advance; just pick any available server on and sign up without paying. This way later you will only need to log in and enter payment details, which saves a lot of time.

Test everything

You may test the whole chain by setting some popular servers in your config.json, for example ["KS-3A", "KS-3B", "KS-2E"]. Since those are always available, you should receive a notification immediately.

Config check

Crawler makes an initial check of the config file during startup, so if you have any syntax errors or missing software dependencies - console logs will let you know.

Advanced configuration

You can add more options to the config.json if you need:

  • "crawler_interval": 8 // overriding default periodic callback interval in seconds (should be more than 7.2 to avoid rate-limit)
  • "request_timeout": 30 // http timeout for API requests.
  • "from_smtp_port": 587 // use non-standard smtp port
  • "use_starttls": true // forcing encrypted SMTP session using TLS (true by default)
  • "use_ssl": false // forcing encrypted SMTP session using SSL (false by default)
  • "from_user": "" // if smtp user is different from from_email


These instructions are based on Version 2 of the crawler. You can access last stable release of v1 by browsing through release history


Crawler that will send you an email alert as soon as servers on OVH/Kimsufi become available for purchase







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