Objcscope is a vim plugin for objective-c like cscope to c/c++.
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===About objcscope===

Objcscope is a vim plugin for jumping to definition or implement of objc seletor like cscope for c/c++.

Objcscope just works on Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, becuase it use the "find" command line to search path.


OS: Linux/Unix, Mac OS X(Windows not works)

Others: Node.js installed


  1. Install Node.js See this page: https://github.com/creationix/nvm

  2. Install objcscope script(javascript)

    Copy objcscope to ~/ and run:

     chmod 775 ~/objcscope

    ADD ~/ to your $PATH variable

  3. copy the whole folder to ~/.vim

  4. Done


  1. Enter your directory and run

     objcsope . 

    This command will create "ocTags" in current directory

  2. in your vimrc add this line:

     let g:ocTagFile="PAHT FOR YOUR tags file"
     let g:callTagFile="PATH FOR YOUR call tags file"

    For me, It's something like this

    let g:ocTagFile="/Users/Pitt/Apps/ericjohnson-canabalt-ios-ef43b7d/ocTags"

    let g:callTagFile="/Users/Pitt/Apps/ericjohnson-canabalt-ios-ef43b7d/callTags"

  3. Move your cursor in the line which contains objc selector and press ctrl+g, objcscope will show up a list for you to select. ctrl+d and enter a file name, this will open the file which has been parsed into the objc tag file, and ctrl+r to search selectors called.

  4. after press ctrl+g or ctrl+r, if you want to exit whout chosing any thing, enter q. press ctrl+o to return back. Or execute command :bp to return back.

===About Me===

Author: Pitt Mak

Email: Skeleton.MAK.Jr_AT_gmail.com