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Cracking HackMIT's Puzzles

Each year, HackMIT has an optional challenge for entry. The first couple of teams that solve this challenge are guaranteed entry to HackMIT. We were one of these couple of teams, and this is a hastily written account of how we solved the challenge.

##Before Reading Ahead

Tl;dr – Spoilers Abound!!!!

This write-up was made public after all the slots were filled. But even so, please try to solve the puzzles on your own before you read anything here. You may not get anything out of solving them, but they’re still a lot of fun.

More importantly, the gravitas of our solutions and the excitement during our revelations will not be apparent if you read this without trying to solve it on your own first. Please also note that this is not the official solution set.

Now that we’ve got that out the way – READ ON.


Puzzle 1 Dogey Negotiations

Puzzle 2 Folding the Hand

Puzzle 3 RSA Challenges

Puzzle 4 A Different Cry for Help

Puzzle 5 Short Sightedness

Puzzle 6 Reverse Engineering is for the week

##Also Worth a Read Contributors All the people that helped in this effort.

Finding the Challenge How we got Started


Cracking HackMIT's 2015 Puzzles (Spoiler: Solutions)



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