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Discord Rich Presence

lolamtisch edited this page Mar 21, 2022 · 14 revisions

Discord unfortunately requires an application for communication. Only works with the discord Application and MAL-Sync extension. Please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Install this additional extension and application. It is a seperate extension independent of MAL-Sync.
    a) Click on your browser link above and install the extension.
    b) After installation an Important message tab will open to install the program, click on the link to download the program.
    c) After downloading the zip, unzip it.
    d) Run the exe file in the unzipped folder.
    e) if you want to automatically run the programm on startup, then just open the bat file.

  2. Make sure you desktop client is running and game activity is enabled in the discord settings.

  3. Reload the page and it should now show up what you are watching.

note: If there is no page logo in the presence please provide one on my discord (minimum 512x512px)(Link below).