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List Sync

lolamtisch edited this page Oct 3, 2021 · 9 revisions

Sync the anime/manga lists between MAL, anilist and kitsu. Option can be found in MiniMAL (Extension popup) settings -> etc -> List Sync.

List Mirroring

This is the only mode that is currently Implemented. It simply overwrites all slaves with the values of the Master, without doing any checking. So make sure you only change values on the master page. The master is the sync page selected in the miniMAL settings. The script can not delete entries just add and modify. Make sure to have at least one anime and manga on all lists that should be synced.

X exists on page Y, but it doesn't sync it

The relation between the entries is done over the mal IDs that are provided by anilist/kitsu. Check if they are correct. If not you will have to correct them on kitsu/anilist for the sync to work.

Background sync runs once a day