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Software to access the Web using eyes and mind.

Download the latest release here.


This project uses Git submodules. Please check it out using:

git clone --recursive
cd GazeTheWeb

When submodules on remote are updated, one has to execute git submodule update manually.


There are multiple subprojects in this repository:

  • Browse Web browser controlled by your gaze.
  • BrowseUpdater Update tool for the browser.
  • Tweet Gaze-controlled Twitter application.
  • Watch YouTube application with gaze and EEG signal processing.

Visit the wiki for troubleshooting.


  • Winner of the TPG Accessibility Challenge Judges' Award at the Web For All 2017 in Perth, Australia. Read the corresponding paper here.
  • Honourable mention for the technical approach at the WWW 2017 conference in Perth, Australia. Read the corresponding paper here.
  • Third place in the Digital Imagination Challenge by Unitymedia. See here.


If you use our software as part for your own research, please be kind and cite our publication:

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