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MANO: The Masternode Hosting Platform
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MANO Core integration/staging repository

MANO: The Masternode Platform is a cutting edge Masterndoe Hosting Platform with many features to allow users to easily host a variety of Masternodes. The MANO mission is to bring the passive income opportunity of Masternodes to a greater audience. By removing the barrier to entry for many, it is hoped that widespread adoption of blockchain technologies can be achieved.

History of MANO

In December 2018, it was announced that the original developers had abandoned the project, leaving a half completed project and a thriving community behind. In January 2019, a small group of the community members began planning a community take over of the project. They obtained most of the assets from the original project and engaged with a number of community members with the appropriate skills and experience to complete the project. Developers to build the platform, create the blockchain and automate the physical servers came together to relaunch the project, bigger and better than before.

BCT Thread

Original MANO Bitcointalk thread:

Coin Specs

The MANO team would like to thank the Bitcoin/DASH/PIVX/Phore teams as well as the awesome work from giaki3003, and some additions by MrMemetech. These people and projects have enabled us to launch a solid blockchain base for which we will build upon.

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)Infinite

2M mano was premined to be airdropped to holders of the original MANO coin. This airdrop will be conducted in March 2019 on a 1:1 basis.

No additional premine was conducted. The new community team members have self-funded the relaunch of this project.

PoS Rewards Breakdown

A fair swap period is ensured thanks to lower rewards till block 66240.

Block HeightRewardMasternodesStakersDevelopers
<= 66,2401 MANO0.7 MANO0.2 MANO0.1 MANO
66,240-462,24010 MANO7 MANO2 MANO1 MANO
462,240-989,2808 MANO5.6 MANO1.6 MANO0.8 MANO
989,280-1,514,8804 MANO2.8 MANO0.8 MANO0.4 MANO
1,514,880-2,040,4802 MANO1.4 MANO0.4 MANO0.2 MANO
> 2,040,4801 MANO0.7 MANO0.2 MANO0.1 MANO

The MANO development budget is up to a maximum of 1 MANO per block, paid out based on approved proposals as voted on by the MANO masternode owners through the community governance process. Current Governance Monthly Budget accounts for 10% of all the blocks produced during the month.

The community will be able to propose and vote for the development deliverables most desired each month. These deliverables may be completed by members of the team, or a suitable applicant from the broader community.

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