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Rubik's Cube algorithm twister
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RC Algorithm Twister is program which helps you find your own modification of
Rubik's cube algorithm. It can show you all variants (different twists of
cube) from point you're confident, so you can check if different twists could
be better for your hands.


 - CoffeeScript interpreter
 - Your own algorithm in standard notation (RLUDFBrludfb, xyz, with "2" or "'")


    ./ [algorithm]

You can also transpose your algorithm (or its part) with rotation:

 - to transpose whole algorithm:

    ./ "+xRUR'"

 - to transpose only part of algorithm, and get back to known position after:

    ./ "R+xU-R'" - rotate part by X axis

    ./ "R+x+yU-R'" - rotate part by X, then by Y axis, and get back after U
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