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MBYS crowdsale contracts

Crowdsale functionality

  • A maximum of 70000 ether-worth of MBYSTokens will be sold during the crowdsale.
  • MBYSTokens will be sold in four sale tiers: 0 - 5000 eth, 40% bonus; 5000 - 10000, 25% bonus; 10000 - 30000, 10% bonus; 30000 - 70000, 0% bonus.
  • 1000 nominal (10^8 actual tokens considering the token decimal) MBYSTokens will be sold for every eth recieved.
  • a controller will be given ownership of the token contract after the sale concludes. The controller will mint tokens into pre-sale investors' wallets after the crowdsale.

Token functionality

  • MBYSToken is created by MBYSCrowdsale in MBYSCrowdsale's constructor.
  • MBYSToken is only mintable by MBYSCrowdsale until the end of the crowdsale. After the crowdsale concludes, ownership of the token is transferred to the controller indicated in MBYSCrowdsale's contstructor.
  • Because finishMinting is never called by the crowdsale, there is an unlimited number of tokens that could potentially be produced.
  • The MBYSTokens minted during the crowdsale will not be transferrable until after then end of the sale.
  • There will be a maximum of 75,250,000 MBYSTokens minted during the crowdsale.

Building contracts

npm run compile

Testing contracts

npm run test

Deployment guide

Deployment gas consumption: 3135967

npm run localdeploy

The script run by the command above will wait until interrupted. This gives users the opportunity to interact with the contracts using ganache-cli on port 8545.

Public and Private keys for the accounts used will be displayed in the terminal output of ganache-cli.

Operational steps

  1. Deploy the contract careful to configure properly the values for startTime, endTime, wallet and controller. wallet will receive all payments made over the course of the crowdsale. controller will be the owner of the MBYSToken contract after the sale concludes and thus will have the ability to continue minting tokens.

  2. Wait until the sale begins at startTime.

  3. Users can buy up to 70000 ether worth of MBYSTokens.

  4. Sale ends either due to the sale cap being reached or due to the sale period expiring (at endTime).

  5. The owner must call MBYSCrowdsale.finalize() in order release the tokens and to transfer MBYSToken ownership to controller.

  6. Use the controller account to credit presale investors' wallets with MBYSTokens:, tokenAmountExpressedInWei, {from: controller}).