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##Web Based GIS Application

Beside some open source GIS libraries and some software like ArcGIS there are comparatively few open source, web-based and easy to use application that are capable of doing GIS processing and visualization. To address this, we present GISCube, an open source web-based GIS application that can store, visualize and process GIS and GeoSpatial data. GISCube is powered by Geothon, an open source python GIS cookbook. Geothon has a variety of Geoprocessing tools such data conversion, processing, spatial analysis and data management tools. GISCube has the capability of supporting a variety of well known GIS data formats in both vector and raster formats, and the system is being expanded to support NASA’s and scientific data formats such as netCDF and HDF files.

##Installation (vagrant)

1- Install Vagrant (v 1.8.1)

2- Install VirtualBox (v 5.0.16)

3- Download vagrant.zip

4- Unzip vagrant.zip

5- cd vagrant

6- vagrant up

7-vagrant ssh

8- cd GISCube

9- python manage.py runserver

10- open localhost:5050 in browser and enjoy.

11- To exit the VM (vagrant) type exit

12- To remove/destroy VM, exit vagarnat first then type vagrant destroy

##Documentation Documentation

##Example In this example, we are going to use "Clip GeoTIIF" tool to clip a GeoTIFF using Shapefile. Example