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This is an opensource api and library for u-team's mods.

How to build this mod

Setup Eclipse

  • ./gradlew genEclipseRuns eclipse
  • Import project as existing workspace

Setup IntelliJ IDEA

  • ./gradlew genIntellijRuns
  • Import as gradle project


  • ./gradlew build

How to include this mod

  • Repository:
  • Artifact: info.u-team:u_team_core-${config.forge.mcversion}:${config.uteamcore.version}
  • {config.forge.mcversion} is the minecraft version.
  • {config.uteamcore.version} is the uteamcore version.

Using in Forge Gradle 3:

repositories {
    maven { url = "" }

dependencies {
  compileOnly fg.deobf("info.u-team:u_team_core-${config.forge.mcversion}:${config.uteamcore.version}")


  • This mod is licensed under apache 2 license. For more information see here.
  • This mod can be packed in any curseforge modpack you like.


  • Please report issues to the github issues.
  • Include your minecraft version, forge version and mod version.
  • Upload your log on gist or pastebin and include link in your report.
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