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MCBans Server Plugin

Author: Firestarthe, Syamn, Corpdraco

Welcome to MCBans

MCBans is a global banning solution for Minecraft, provided through the Bukkit plugin. The aim of the plugin is to provide server owners with a method of assisting in the prevention of griefers on their own and other's servers, using both local and global bans.

Helpful Information

Main Site:

Support Desk:



Please remember the following things while using our plugin!

  • MCBans is maintained constantly by a team of staff, but we're not miracle workers! Like everyone, we need time to perform our tasks and can't do everything on demand.
  • MCBans isn't always 100% clear from invalid bans - but, we're well on our way. Your help is always thanked in removing invalid bans and we try our hardest to monitor everything.
  • MCBans has a small dedicated development team - We do only have a few dedicated developers, but they do have other commitments as well.
  • MCBans staff don't always have good memories! Visit our support desk.


Local Ban Variations

  • /ban <playername|UUID> - bans the player
  • /rban <playername|UUID> - rollback and ban

E.G. /ban Firestarthe breaking my sign

Global Ban Variations

  • /ban <playername|UUID> g - global ban
  • /gban <playername|UUID> - global ban
  • /rban <playername|UUID> g - rollback and global ban

E.G. /ban g Firestarthe griefing

Temporary Ban Variations

  • /ban <playername|UUID> t <m/h/d> - temp bans a player
  • /tban <playername|UUID> <m/h/d> - temp bans a player
  • /rban <playername|UUID> t <m/h/d> - temp bans a player and rolls them back

E.G. /tban Firestarthe 15 m you are banned for 15 minutes

IP Ban Variations

  • /banip [reason] - bans an IP address

Misc Commands

  • /lookup <playername|UUID> - checks players ban history (local/global bans)
  • /banlookup - checks ban details
  • /altlookup <playername|UUID> - checks alt accounts (premium server only!)
  • /kick <playername|UUID> [reason] - kicks a player from the game
  • /unban <playername|IP|UUID> - unbans the player/IP from your server
  • /mcbans - mcbans help and more information
  • /mcbs - change server settings


  • mcbans.admin (default: op) - Admin privileges to mcbans
  • (default: op) - Allow global ban player
  • mcbans.ban.local (default: op) - Allow local ban player
  • mcbans.ban.temp (default: op) - Allow temp ban player
  • mcbans.ban.rollback (default: op) - Allow use rban command
  • mcbans.ban.ip (default: op) - Allow use banip command
  • mcbans.ban.exempt (default: op) - Permission to exempt from bans
  • mcbans.unban (default: op) - Allow unban player
  • mcbans.view.alts (default: op) - Show notification of a players alts on connect
  • mcbans.view.bans (default: op) - Show previous ban information on player connect
  • mcbans.view.staff (default: true) - Show notification of a mcbans staff on connect
  • mcbans.hideview (default: false) - Hide player view alts/previous bans on connect
  • mcbans.lookup.player (default: op) - Allow lookup player ban history
  • mcbans.lookup.ban (default: op) - Allow lookup ban details
  • mcbans.lookup.alt (default: op) - Allow lookup alt account
  • mcbans.kick (default: op) - Allow kick player
  • mcbans.kick.exempt (default: op) - Permission to exempt from kicks
  • mcbans.maxalts.exempt (default: op) - Permission to exempt from max alt account disconnect