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This is a public issue tracker for any bugs relating to the MCGamer Network.


Issues can be submitted at our issue tracker.


  • Follow the formatting guide to the best of your ability, making sure to include steps to reproduce your issue
  • Search the issue tracker to ensure that your issue is not a duplicate
  • Verify the validity and/or plausibility of your issue
  • Be clear and concise in your description
  • You can use GitHub Flavored Markdown to spice up your issue submission a little bit.
  • Use a vanilla environment, making sure to remove any client-side mods
  • Assume that all rules of the MCGamer forums apply to the issue tracker
  • Submit one issue per report. Putting multiple issues into one report makes it difficult for us to separate and identify the issues within our code. If you submit multiple issues in one bug report, your report will be closed and you will be asked to separate them.
  • Use /reportbug ingame on the server that you're having issues with to obtain a state dump ID number, and reference the provided number in your issue report. This provides us with helpful information about the internal state of the server, and if done right when the issue happens, can help us fix the issue faster.

Do not:

  • Bump issues to receive a response; we look through all issue reports submitted, bumping an issue will not help
  • Argue unproductively in an issue's comments
  • Re-create an issue you feel unjustly closed
  • Add pointless comments such as "first", 👍, or +1
  • Submit suggestions; the issue tracker is only for bugs with current features
  • Create disrespectful or inflammatory comments


Please format issues using the following formatting guidelines.


Provide a brief summary of the issue.


Flint and steel won't work


Try to separate your description into four different sections, if possible:

  1. Environment

    This section should provide all information regarding the environment where the issue occured, location (US/EU/CA/AU), server ID, gametype, time of when the issue happened, etc.

  2. The issue

    This section should provide a detailed explanation of the issue.

  3. Steps to reproduce

    If applicable, this section should provide a detailed list of steps needed to reproduce the issue.

  4. Miscellaneous information

    Information that doesn't necessarily fit into any other sections, such as screenshots.


Public issue tracker for the MCGamer Network



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