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This is a basic Ruby on Rails web app for invoices and earnings reports, completed from start to finish within 4 1/2 days. All team members had only 3 weeks of intensive training on Ruby and RoR before starting this project.

Team members and roles:

  • Mollie Knute - Team lead, idea inception, database and front-end design, at-large merging and troubleshooting, URL-paramatization of reports
  • Ryan Reyes - Stripe API integration, heavy research into Prawn gem (ultimately not integrated into project)
  • Pete Kang - Reports functionality
  • Garrick Kwong - Company dashboard, CRUD functionality using Bootstrap modals

Thank you CodingDojo for providing us with the training and opportunity to do this exciting project!

Versions used:

  • Rails v. 4.2.6
  • Ruby v. 2.2.1p85
  • PostgreSQL v. 9.3.11
  • Bootstrap v. 3.2.0