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Great Reading Adventure v3.0.1

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@k7hpn k7hpn released this 01 Feb 20:20

Release Notes: 3.0.1


The Great Reading Adventure is a robust, open source software designed to manage library reading programs. The GRA is free to use, modify, and share. Check out for an overview of its functionality and capabilities.


These release notes accompany 📚 The Great Reading Adventure version 3.0.1 which can be downloaded from GitHub!

This is a full release of the full software package. We currently do not have an upgrade path to go from prior versions to this version due to architectural changes. If you have a critical need for the ability to upgrade, please post in the Help category on the forum and we will try to work something out.


For information on what is required to run the Great Reading Adventure, please refer to the online manual.

Changes in this release

  • Improve and simplify UX for patrons using the GRA (#11 among other issues)
    • Incorporate Bootstrap 3.3.5 and jQuery 2.2.0
    • Substantial and significant redo of all user-facing pages and controls
    • Remove program selection from front page of site
    • Remove unknown Facebook integration bits
    • Mini-games are now Adventures
    • Book lists are now Challenges
    • Notifications are now Mail
    • More obvious unread mail indicator badge
    • Badge details are now shown in a uniform pop-up window site-wide
    • Alert system for showing notifications in a uniform way
    • Pop-ups for events and challenges with liberal use of Ajax
    • Show and hide navigation based on configuration (e.g. if there are no badges configured, don't show navigation to the badge gallery).
    • Add relevant print buttons
    • Badges and events are shown publicly to everyone
    • Individual badge and event public pages to improve search engine visibility
    • Modify Challenges to not require book information
  • Sane defaults for Activity Point Conversions (#13).
    All passwords are now hashed (#7).
  • Session timeouts no longer default users to the master tenant (#8).
  • Administrative logins now do not experience "session hopping" (#9).
  • Control Room logins are now fully separated from user logins (#10).
  • Fix issues program selection based on ages (#14, #16).
  • Resolve issue with adding a tenant if email fails (#15).
  • Improved initial configuration process.
  • Ability to select a default install with one reading program or four reading programs.
  • Added capability for express setup with ILS integration (proofed out for Polaris but adaptable to other ILS software through an abstract proxy mechanism).
  • Add printable "Book List" showing every title that a patron has read (if they entered titles and authors).
  • Replace "leaderboard" with "feed" showing recent point-earning accomplishments by other patrons and "status" to show aggregate numbers
  • Remove some Adventures (Hidden Picture, Matching Game, Word Match) and enhance the remaining ones (Choose Your Adventure, Code Breaker, Mix-And-Match, Online Book).
  • Plenty more, this pull request covers a lot of it.

Known issues

These are some of the more significant issues which have already been reported. Feel free to post to the forum with more information or new issues. GitHub always contains the up-to-date technical developer view of issues and bug reports.

  • #23 With JavaScript off, enter on the login page should submit the login form
  • #24 Events with no end date do not display and codes for them do not function
  • #28 Libraries/Schools don't function unless they are a part of a district
  • #29 Prompt user for sysadmin password during configure
  • #38 Enter book details panel does not respond to "Enter"
  • #72 Updating the school crosswalk causes an error
  • #73 Selecting "Save" multiple times in School/District Setup causes duplicate crosswalk record