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Great Reading Adventure v3.1.0

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@k7hpn k7hpn released this 28 Apr 01:07

Release Notes: 3.1.0


The Great Reading Adventure is a robust, open source software designed to manage library reading programs. The GRA is free to use, modify, and share. Check out for an overview of its functionality and capabilities.


These release notes accompany 📚 The Great Reading Adventure version 3.1.0 which can be downloaded from GitHub!

To upgrade from version 3 to this release, please see the Upgrade GRA v3 to v3.1.0 forum post.

There is currently no upgrade path from version 2 to this release due to architectural changes. If you have a critical need for the ability to upgrade from version 2, please post in the Help category on the forum and we will try to work something out.


For information on what is required to run the Great Reading Adventure, please refer to the online manual. The software requires a Microsoft Web hosting environment and SQL Server. If you don't have such an environment, there are plenty of Web hosting services you can use.

Changes in this release

This release saw a lot of changes, probably best documented through the change log and pull request #63. Some of the more notable changes include:

  • Avatar customizations - patrons can construct their own avatar out of a set of parts
  • Event system improvements - easier to create events, eliminate lots of unused fields
  • Challenges are visible to the public
  • Social media sharing capabilities (Twitter and Facebook - NO tracking cookies or tracking codes)
  • Ability to pull in existing patron accounts as family member accounts
  • Patrons can set their own goal
  • Configurable option to require patrons to enter book details
  • Events and crosswalks can be imported and exported with Excel
  • Hidden badges and events to allow secret codes to truly be secret
  • Lots of changes to improve the usability of the Control Room
  • Reporting improvements including an at-a-glance report
  • Ability to direct link to events, badges, and challenges
  • Search engine visibility improvements (structured data on events)

Known issues

For up-to-date information about known issues please refer to the forum and the GitHub technical developer view of issues and bug reports.


Special thanks go out to Justin Meiners who contributed a number of features and bug fixes to this release. Thanks, Justin! 🎉